Photographs are collected for different reasons. You may have a special interest in why you search for images; it may be photos from a certain photographer or a specific period in time. 

You can also collect photographs for art’s sake and, whatever the reason is, when you buy a photograph from us you don´t just buy a picture, you buy an object of history!

Our photos are not reprints, they are all archive original photographs coming from newspaper archives around Europe, and some of the most prestigious ones! 

These treasures, they all have their history. Many times you can follow their provenance on the backside of the photo, seeing stamps, handwritten notes, and technical directions - also telling a history on its own!

Some good reasons why you should invest in vintage photographs

- You get something pretty unique. Even if these photographs were many times spread to news agencies and ended up i newspaper archives the editions were never limitless, though not numbered.

- You get a historical object, not "just" a picture that you love. No matter from which archive, or from which magazine the photograph comes or have been published in they all have their actual history. They are time documents!

- A vintage photograph many times signals creativity: be it in your home, framed and hanging on your wall it will be a visual statement. Or be it in an office, maybe mixed with new artworks, or grouped together with likewise older photographs, it will be an esthetical eye-catcher. 

- Affordable art. If you compare our prices with other platforms selling photography, you get A LOT for the money! Art photography, also when mass-produced, are likely to cost much more than what you pay for a slightly unique archive photograph from us. 

- Provenance proof. Many times you can follow, or see traces of, the history of the photographs on the backside of the picture. Many times you will find the stamp of the photographer and/or the magazine or agency from where it came, and when it was published. 

- An art apart. As mentioned above, these photographs were many times produced in unspecified editions, which does not necessarily mean there are still many around. Some of these photographs have survived wars, usage, being sent forth and back and handled by many people. All these factors matter in that you will get quite a RARE photograph when buying from us.

Something to cherish and be proud of!