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Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to process my order?

All orders are usually processed within 1-2 business days.


When will I receive my photographs?

For more information on deliveries, please consult our delivery information page.


How can I contact you directly?

You can contact us through the live chat. If no operator is available, please email your inquiry to us at


Can I get a discount?

You can check all our current offers here

Additionally, we offer discounts to loyal customers and to clients that are purchasing a significant number of photographs all at once. 

Contact us to learn more about it.


How do I subscribe/unsubscribe to the newsletter?

You can subscribe/unsubscribe from our newsletter anytime through your user account.
If you have trouble unsubscribing, please contact us ASAP.


Can I get a digital version instead?

We only sell original historical vintage photos. Therefore, we do not distribute or sell the digital version to individuals. 
We make exceptions for certain inquiries. For more information, we invite you to write to us at


Do the photos come with any copyrights or usage rights?

Copyrights are retained by the newspaper archives or the photographic agencies, therefore, each photo does not come with copyrights or usage rights. 
You may use the prints as collectibles only and follow the copyright laws in action.

If you would like to know who owns the copyright of the pictures you purchased, you can write to us at and we will help you locate the copyright owner.


Where did the photographs come from?

We partner with newspaper archives around the world and due to our agreements with them, we do not disclose their identity. On some occasions, the archives might grant us to reveal their identity and thus we make this information available to the public.


What happens to the negatives?

We do not own the negatives, they are always returned to the newspaper archives where they will be kept and stored for the years to come. In some occasions, the newspaper archives do not own the negatives.

Scanning the negatives, or trying to reproduce the pictures from them, is very time consuming and expensive.

Notice that the negatives do not come with attached historic information.

The majority of our pictures have original stamps and notes on the back which certify the origin and date. We deal with the one and only original photograph produced years ago from the negatives.


What is the condition of the photo I will receive? Will it have marks?

All photos are original photos, any mark or sign that was on the picture will be on your item once you receive it.

Each photo is a press photo, meaning that it originated from a press archive and was intended for editorial use: that is why some present marks and signs. Each individual mark makes the picture even more valuable as it attests to the historical value of the item.