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A selection of vintage photographs of musicians, songwriters, concerts and musical events from all over the world.

Model: nv-00852723
Concentrating clarinetists. ..
Model: nv-00852728
Justen Karlsson well-known as a piper in full Scottish regalia at special occassions. ..
Model: nv-00852720
Bagpipe player in Scotland. ..
Model: nv-00798716
Ted Heath in a Conference Ted Heath ..
Model: nv-00798723
Edward Heath a British Politician Edward Heath ..
Model: nv-00798713
Edward Heath a talented musician and a pilitician. Edward Heath ..
Model: nv-00798715
Hon Edward Heath for Conservative party Hon Edward Heath ..
Model: nv-00798698
Sir Edward Heath in a procession for honorary degree Honorary Degree of Sir Edward Heath..
Model: nv-00798701
Edward Heath skipper of the British Team for the admiral's cup series. Edward Heath ..
Model: nv-00798707
Ted Heath in a conference Edward Heath also known as Ted Heath ..
Model: nv-00798706
Edward Heath a British politician Edward Heath..
Model: nv-00798691
Edward Heath, Lynda Chalker and Roy Jenkins having a conversation. Edward Heath, Lynda Chalker and Roy Jenkins..
Model: nv-00798693
Edward Heath having his speech with Lynda Chalker and Roy Jenkins. Edward Heath, Lynda Chalker and Roy Jenkins..
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