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A beautiful natural scenery of New Guinea. 1962.

A beautiful natural scenery of New Guinea. 1962.
A beautiful natural scenery of New Guinea. 1962.
A beautiful natural scenery of New Guinea. 1962.
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A beautiful natural scenery of New Guinea. 1962. New Guinea (Tok Pisin: Niugini; Dutch: Nieuw-Guinea; Indonesian: Papua or, historically, Irian) is a large Island in the South West Pacific region. It is the world's second-largest island, after Greenland, covering a land area of 785,753 km2, and the largest wholly within the southern hemisphere. The island is divided among two countries: Papua New Guinea to the east, and Indonesia to the west. New Guinea is an island to the north of the continent of Australia, but south of the equator. It is isolated by the Arafura Sea to the west and the Torres Strait and Coral Sea to the east. The island has been known by various names. The name Papua was used to refer to parts of the island before contact with the West. Its etymology is unclear; one theory states that it is from Tidore, the language used by the Sultanate of Tidore, which controlled parts of the island's coastal region. The name came from papo (to unite) and ua (negation), which means not united or, territory that geographically is far away (and thus not united). March 28,1962 natural,nature,houses,scenery,New Guinea,1962,

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