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A photo inside the London Library.

A photo inside the London Library.
A photo inside the London Library.
A photo inside the London Library.
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A photo inside the London Library. The London Library. The book stacks of the London Library, founded in 1841 by Thomas Carlyle, and which moved to its present premises in St. James's Square, near Piccadilly, in 1845. The London Library houses nearly a million books, newspapers and periodicals; it is a subscription library open to all, where readers may browse at leisure and take books home. London members are entitled to borrow ten books at one time, "Country members" (those residing outside London) may borrow up to fifteen. The London Library is one of the world's largest independent lending libraries, and one of the UK's leading literary institutions. It was founded in 1841 on the initiative of Thomas Carlyle, who was dissatisfied with some of the policies at the British Museum Library. It is located at 14 St. James's Square, in the St James's area of the City of Westminster, London, which has been its home since 1845.[1] Membership is open to all, on payment of an annual subscription; and life and corporate memberships are also available. As of March 2015 the Library had 6,708 members.[2] T. S. Eliot, a long-serving President of the Library, argued in 1952 in an address to members that, "whatever social changes come about, the disappearance of the London Library would be a disaster to civilisation".

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