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A woman is riding a Renault type N 1903

A woman is riding a Renault type N 1903
A woman is riding a Renault type N 1903
A woman is riding a Renault type N 1903
A woman is riding a Renault type N 1903
A woman is riding a Renault type N 1903
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A woman is riding a Renault type N 1903 The Renault Type N (c) [1] was an early passenger car model of Renault. It was also 10/16 CV mentioned. The model was launched in December 1902 the Paris Motor Show presented. [1] On February 7, 1903 report in the published La France Automobile. [2] In October 1903 was followed by Renault Type Q as his successor. A two-cylinder engine with 90 mm ​​bore and 100 mm stroke rendered from 1272 cc engine capacity 10 hp. [1] A source is a departure from 90 to 100 mm bore, 100 to 120 mm stroke, 1272-1885 cc and 10 to 16 PS power at . [2] The side-mounted water cooler had twelve cooling elements. The engine output was passed through a cardan shaft guided to the rear axle. The top speed was specified, depending on translation with 37 km / h to 65 km / h. With a wheelbase of 220 cm, the vehicle was 320 cm [2] or 330 cm [1] long and 150 cm wide. The chassis weighed 550 kg, the complete vehicle 900 kg to 950 kg. The choice was between Tonneau, Double Phaeton and special bodies. The similarly designed and at the same time presented Renault Type N (a) had a four-cylinder engine with the same cylinder dimensions. Outwardly, he differed with slightly larger dimensions in that its radiator had 18 cooling elements.
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