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Greetings from IMS Vintage Photos!

Here at IMS Vintage Photos, we are strongly involved in preserving history and helping archives around the world in digitizing their physical images, photos, or prints!

IMS was founded as a picture agency on January 21st, 1946, however, we started selling actual original vintage photographs to a global clientele from 2013.

We are experts in the digitization process of physical photographs. That is why we partner with newspaper archives all over the world and get access to their historic and original pictures in exchange for assisting them with the overall digitization process.

How this works: they send us the physical pictures, we scan them, keyword them, and send back the digitized format. We then sell the original well preserved vintage press photographs to anyone interested in collecting a moment in history, purchasing an incredibly special present, or simply decorating their home or office.

With our high quality and fast digitizing process, we help newspaper archives in converting their physical prints into digital format. We assist them in setting their prints free for future generations to access and appreciate them and their historical value.

The conversion process is a win-win situation as the archives receive the digitized formats and still get to preserve the historic photographs, while we sell the original pictures to whoever is interested in owning and caring for such valuable treasures!




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Please, note:

With the selling of these physical prints, IMS Vintage Photos does not pass the copyrights to the buyer. These photographs are sold as collectibles and therefore, for any usage which differs from the one mentioned, the buyer must follow the copyright laws in action. If you would like to know who owns the copyright of the pictures you purchased or wish to purchase, you can contact us.


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