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A scene from the film "The New Adventures of Pippi Longstocking", with Tami Erin as Pippilotta Delicatessa Windowshade "Pippi" Longstocking and Eileen Brennan as Miss Bannister, 1988.

A scene from the film
A scene from the film
A scene from the film
A scene from the film
A scene from the film "The New Adventures of Pippi Longstocking", with Tami Erin as Pippilotta Delicatessa Windowshade "Pippi" Longstocking and Eileen Brennan as Miss Bannister, 1988.
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A scene from the film "The New Adventures of Pippi Longstocking", with Tami Erin as Pippilotta Delicatessa Windowshade "Pippi" Longstocking and Eileen Brennan as Miss Bannister, 1988. The New Adventures of Pippi Longstocking is a 1988 American fantasy–adventure–musical film written and directed by Ken Annakin based on the books of the fictional character Pippi Longstocking, created by children's book author Astrid Lindgren. While the title suggests a continuation of previous entries, the film is in fact a remake of the original story. It was filmed in Fernandina Beach on Amelia Island and at soundstages in Jacksonville, Florida. It was released in movie theaters worldwide in 13 languages by Columbia Pictures. After her father's ship is carried off by a sudden storm, the spunky Pippi Longstocking (Tami Erin) is stranded with her horse, Alfonso, and monkey, Mr. Nilsson, and takes up residence in the old family home: Villa Villekulla, which is thought by neighborhood children to be haunted. Soon, two children, Tommy Settigren (David Seaman, Jr.) and his sister, Annika Settigren (Cory Crow), venture into the house after seeing lights in the windows. Looking for ghosts, they meet Pippi instead. They become friends and get into various adventures together such as making pancakes, cleaning the floor with scrubbing shoes, serving ice cream to children of the local orphanage, riding a motorcycle, and dodging "splunks". Pippi must also fight off crooks who wish to demolish her house and sell the property, as well as avoid being taken to the orphanage. She agrees to run away with Tommy and Annika in a homemade autogyro to avoid this fate. They end up needing to be rescued after nearly going over a waterfall while riding barrels down a river, and Pippi eventually agrees to give the orphanage a try after Tommy and Annika's parents refuse to let them play with her anymore. She does not fit in with the other children due to her lack of discipline and education. However, after she saves the orphanage from a fire and becomes the town heroine, she is allowed to return to Villa Villekulla and befriends Tommy and Annika once more. She is reunited with her father on Christmas Day, and he offers her the chance to become a cannibal princess of the uncharted island he had washed ashore on and was crowned king. Just as they prepare to sail off, she decides to stay after seeing that everyone in the village is sad to see her go. Eileen Brennan (September 3, 1932 – July 28, 2013) was an American actress of film, television, and theater. Brennan was known for her role as Doreen Lewis in Private Benjamin, for which she received an Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actress. She reprised the role for the TV adaptation, winning both a Golden Globe and Emmy for her performance. She received Emmy nominations for her guest starring roles on Newhart, Thirtysomething, Taxi and Will & Grace. Brennan was born Verla Eileen Brennen on September 3, 1932[2] in Los Angeles, California, daughter of Regina "Jeanne" Menehan, a silent film actress, and John Gerald Brennen, a doctor.[3] Of Irish descent, she was raised Roman Catholic. Brennan appeared in plays with the Mask and Bauble Society at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C., where she was employed. She starred there in Arsenic and Old Lace. Her exceptional comic skills and romantic soprano voice propelled her from unknown to star in the title role of Rick Besoyan's off-Broadway tongue-in-cheek musical/operetta Little Mary Sunshine (1959), earning Brennan an Obie Award, and its unofficial sequel The Student Gypsy (1963). She played Annie Sullivan in The Miracle Worker at the 1961 Central City, Colorado Festival, directed by Arthur Penn who had just won a Tony for his direction of the play on Broadway.[4] She went on to create the role of Irene Malloy in the original Broadway production of Hello, Dolly! (1964).[5] Her feature film debut was in Divorce American Style (1967). She soon became one of the most recognizable (if not precisely identifiable) supporting actresses in film and television. Her roles were usually sympathetic characters, though she played a variety of other character types, including earthy, vulgar and sassy, but occasionally "with a heart of gold." A year after her feature film debut she became a semi-regular on the comedy-variety show Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In, but stayed for only two months. Brennan received excellent reviews as brothel madam "Billie" in George Roy Hill's Oscar-winning 1973 film The Sting as the confidante of con man Henry Gondorf (Paul Newman). Although her name was not often recognized by the general public, she became a favorite of many directors, in particular Peter Bogdanovich. She appeared in Bogdanovich's 1971 classic The Last Picture Show (for which she received a BAFTA nomination for best supporting actress) and his 1974 adaptation of the Henry James novella Daisy Miller. Bogdanovich was the only director who made use of her musical talents (before, she sang in performances off Broadway) when he cast her as Cybill Shepherd's crude, fun-loving maid in his 1975 musical flop At Long Last Love (which also starred Madeline Kahn; Brennan and Kahn would work together in two more films: The Cheap Detective and Clue; where Brennan once more displayed her world-weary acting style to great effect). Brennan also worked with director Robert Moore and writer Neil Simon, appearing in Murder by Death as Tess Skeffington (1976); and The Cheap Detective (1978). Both of these movies also starred James Coco, James Cromwell and Peter Falk. She had a starring role, playing the disc jockey 'Mutha' in the 1978 movie, FM, a comedy-drama about life at a rock-music radio station. In 1980, Brennan received a best supporting actress Oscar nomination for her role as Goldie Hawn's nasty commanding officer in Private Benjamin. She reprised the role in the television adaptation (1981–1983), for which she won an Emmy (supporting actress) as well as a Golden Globe (lead actress). She had one additional Golden Globe nomination and six Emmy nominations. After having dinner together one night in 1982, Brennan and Hawn left a restaurant. Brennan was hit by a passing car and suffered massive injuries. She took three years off work to recover, and had to overcome a subsequent addiction to painkillers.[6] It was during this time that she played Mrs. Peacock in the film Clue (1985). In the 1990s, she appeared in Stella with Bette Midler, Bogdanovich's Texasville (the sequel to The Last Picture Show), and Reckless. She had a recurring role on the sitcom Blossom as the neighbor/confidant of the title character. In 2001, she made a brief appearance in the horror movie Jeepers Creepers as The Cat Lady. In 2002, she starred in the dark comedy film Comic Book Villains, with DJ Qualls. In recent years, Brennan had guest-starred in television, including recurring roles as the nosy Mrs. Bink in 7th Heaven and as gruff acting coach Zandra on Will & Grace. In 2003 director Shawn Levy cast her in a cameo role of a babysitter to Steve Martin and Bonnie Hunt's children in an updated remake of Cheaper by the Dozen. Levy was inspired to cast Brennan after his personal viewing of Private Benjamin on television. Brennan's cameo was deleted from the actual cut of the movie however. Nonetheless she did receive credit for her role on the Deleted Scenes special feature of the film's DVD. In 2004, she appeared in The Hollow as "Joan Van Etten". Tami Erin (born Tamara Erin Klicman, July 8, 1974) is an American actress and model from Wheaton, Illinois. She is best known for her portrayal of Pippi Longstocking in the 1988 Columbia Pictures film The New Adventures of Pippi Longstocking. Her mother is Gail Klicman.[1] Tami Erin began acting and modeling at 8 years old after becoming an Elite model with Elite Model Management one of the worlds’ biggest modeling agencies.[2] She attended the American Film Institute where she majored in Method Acting, screenwriting and producing. Her acting coaches include Jeff Corey, acting coach to Jack Nicholson and Dustin Hoffman, as well as Molly McCarthy of Lee Strasberg's Actors Studio, NYC. Erin auditioned for her first movie role at 11 years old and won the starring role out of over 8,000 young actresses worldwide.[3] She was chosen for the title role of Pippi Longstocking in the Columbia Pictures movie The New Adventures of Pippi Longstocking after a worldwide search by casting director Garrison True. Casting director Garrison True said that finding someone like her "is an effort that has taken many years and much patience..." and she was considered the perfect choice for the part once they discovered her: "She's a free-spirited, fun-loving ringleader who prefers blue jeans and tennis shoes and loves to get dirty... but is still very much a girl."[4] Her acting was considered unique for a child star: "Erin's performance as the irrepressible, outrageous Pippi--the girl who dresses as she pleases, goes to bed when she wants to, who can destroy the pomposity of adults with lightning-quick logic, and who possesses amazing powers...".[4] Others in the cast found her self-assertiveness could also be a bit disturbing: "Erin is so overbearing in the leading role that one longs for a little peace and quiet."[5] The film's director, Ken Annakin described her personality as a good fit for the role: "Tami radiates sunshine. When she smiles everyone is happy. She's perfect and she is Pippi Longstocking".[4] In conjunction with the release of the movie Erin signed endorsement deals with Aqua Fresh Toothpaste, Hostess and Determined Toys the manufacturers of the "Tami Erin Pippi Longstocking Dolls". The first Royal world premiere was hosted by the Princess of Japan, Princess Nori, in Tokyo. The second Royal premiere was hosted by King Karl, Queen Silvia and author Astrid Lindgren in Stockholm, Sweden. According to some authors, the "awareness" of Sweden as a country was increased by the book and film, "Sweden awareness was raised worldwide in the 1980s by Pippi Longstocking."[6] The New Adventures of Pippi Longstocking were re-released by Columbia Pictures on DVD in 2000 and as a double feature with Matilda in 2007.[7] Erin has appeared in hundreds of magazines, newspaper articles, and network television interviews worldwide, including Vogue, Elle, Glamour, People, Seventeen, Teen, Woman's Day, National Geographic World, Variety, Premiere, Bravo, The Hollywood Reporter, Tiger Beat and USA Today, among many others. Career highlights include appearances on Good Morning America, The Today Show, and Entertainment Tonight. Most recently Erin appeared in the Warner Bros. film Tim & Eric’s Awesome Christmas Special alongside Zach Galifianakis and John C. Reilly. Erin also appeared in the Dreamscape Cinema film Disconnect alongside Amanda Troop and Steffany Huckaby as well as in the Giant Wonder computer animated series AGENTS as LG-22 alongside Jack O'Halloran.[8]


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