A shooting of the film "Vad veta väl männen", with the director Edvin Adolphson and some of the casts; Tore Svennberg as Uncle Bear, Birgit Tengroth as his daughter Margit and Anders de Wahl as booksellers Hjalmar Björklund, 1933.

A shooting of the film
A shooting of the film "Vad veta väl männen", with the director Edvin Adolphson and some of the casts; Tore Svennberg as Uncle Bear, Birgit Tengroth as his daughter Margit and Anders de Wahl as booksellers Hjalmar Björklund, 1933. What men know well is a Swedish film from 1933 . Premiärvising at a number of locations 26 december 1933 . The film specimen was a German film and it has also been shown in SVT . Olof Teodor Sven Tore Berg, born 28 February 1858 in Stockholm , died 8 May 1941 at the same location, [1] was a Swedish actor and theater manager. Svennberg stage debut at the Barn Country Theatre in Stockholm 1877 . He was the 1878 - 1891 engaged at different touring theater company, led with Julia Håkansson own tours and was from time to time engaged by Albert Ranft . On the Swedish Theatre , he played in several Strindberg's dramas such as Goran Persson Gustav Vasa and starring in Eric XIV in 1899, the lawyer in A Dream Play in 1907 and Edgar in The Dance of Death 1919th He interpreted also many Ibsen roles : Helmer in A Doll's House in 1889, Hjalmar Ekdahl in Hedda Gabler in 1891 and in Borkman John Gabriel Borkman 1897th In 1920 became Svennberg to Royal Dramatic Theater , where he later became head of the years 1922 to 1928. He managed to attract audiences by focusing on classic and foreign news. Sven Berg also appeared in movies and played his last film role as 82-year-old in 1940 in Steel . He was married in 1905 to actor Karin Wiberg . Birgit Tengroth, Eva Birgitta Tengroth, born 13 July 1915 in Stockholm , died 21 september 1983 in Osmo , [1] was a Swedish actress and writer . Tengroth grew up in central Stockholm and attended the State Normal School for Girls . Along with schoolmate Sickan Carlsson she made ??her debut in the radio program Children's mailbox 1925th Her first film performance was in the film Murder Burns's wife in 1926, followed by a few minor child roles in the coming years. While she was a student at the Ballet School from 1926 to 1931. Her first major film role came in 1932 in Per-Axel Branners His life match. In addition to the film, she played even in the theater including Blanche, Oscar, Vasan and the National Theatre. She debuted as an author in 1948 with a collection of short stories , which attracted attention with its erotic candor and became the basis for the Ingmar Bergman film Thirst in 1949. She was married to the 1944-1950 cultural journalist Stig Ahlgren and 1950-1952 with the Danish Trade Minister Jens Otto Krag (later Prime Minister). During the years of Krag she was living in Denmark and the USA. In connection with the marriage of Krag approached its dissolution, she was diagnosed with cancer and returned to Sweden. In the 1950s, she converted to Catholicism . In the 1960s, she withdrew and lived in isolation on the Sörmland countryside, along with Ahlgren. Her books paints a picture of a sensitive, temperamental and perhaps also in the soul unhappy person. She was one of Sweden's top film stars, but "got tired of being a blouse full of tits." She realized instead an old dream and became a writer, and made ??great luck with their articles in the Weekly Journal . Memorable is her portraits of people within contemporary culture: among other things. a. an interview with the French author Colette that was a long, loving article though this barely said more than "Ah! les jolies fleurs", and a savage portrait of Ingrid Bergman , where she uses her own jealousy to create blacks in text . Already in 1951 she was hired as a columnist in the weekly year round , in which she appeared regularly until the end of the 1970s. She also wrote occasionally for the magazine Vi. If his unhappy marriage with Krag she tells in her memoirs I want my life back (1972) and its long history in the meantime, then I thought you were dead (1975). Tengroth is buried in Galärvarvskyrkogården in Stockholm. Anders de Wahl, in the population register is always written Andreas, born 9 February 1869 in Stockholm , died 9 March 1956 in Stockholm, was a Swedish actress . He was the son of music director Oscar de Wahl and actress and operetta singer Anna de Wahl , born Lundström. Anders de Wahl read for a long time , Alfred Tennyson's Ring Out, Wild Bells on the radio at midnight on New Year's Eve. After employment at Wicanders cork factory office where they Wahl 1889-91 student at the Royal Dramatic Theatre , 1891-92 employee at August Lindberg's company, from 1892 to 1907 at the Albert Ranft's theater companies, and 1907-19 at the Royal Dramatic Theatre . Erna spring season 1920-22 he worked at the Swedish Theater and again at the Royal Dramatic Theatre 1922-20. the guest Wahl also played in Copenhagen , Oslo and Helsinki , and carried out their own tours on the Swedish provinces. He toured so in the United States as commentators. de Wahl himself wrote the play early, where he was in the role of Ville in 1892 had one of their early successes. Anders de Wahl was unmarried and is buried in the Adolf Fredrik cemetery in Stockholm. Gustav Edvin Adolphson (25 February 1893 – 31 October 1979) was a Swedish film actor and director who appeared in over 500 roles. He made his debut in 1912. He appeared with Ingrid Bergman in Only One Night (1939), and is noted for his roles in the film Änglar, finns dom? (1961), the television version of August Strindberg's Hemsöborna (1966), and as Markurell in Markurells i Wadköping (1968). He also directed the first Swedish sound film, Säg det i toner in 1929. He was actress Harriet Bosse's third husband (1927–1932) and is father of actress Kristina Adolphson (b. 1937) and songwriter/composer Olle Adolphson (1934–2004). Adolphson was born in Furingstad, Sweden (Östergötland County), and died in Solna, a suburb of Stockholm, Sweden.


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