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13 Apr To love a photo book
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Last summer I finally managed to get hold of a book I had long searched for: PRIVATE VIEW from 1965,..
22 Mar Three reasons to work with us from our CEO!
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Three good questions from me, Niklas Blomkvist, to our CEO Arnaldur Gauti Johnson why you should con..
10 Feb How Studio Lisa changed the royal image
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Studio Lisa was the name of a photographers studio in London, consisting of the married couple Lisa ..
25 Jan Meet Fernando Morales, Head Curator of Photography of IMS
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I recently met up with with Fernando Morales, the Head Curator of Photography of IMS Vintage Photos,..
04 Dec The allure of collecting vintage photos
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In the world we live in today it makes more sense than ever to collect vintage photographs. It is ec..
18 Nov Meet the archives - November
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For this November edition of Meet the archives I had the honour to ask Tobias Röstlund, head of TT B..
05 Nov Iconic photograph,  Khaldei, by Fernando Morales
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Yevgeny Khaldei and the Soviet Flag in Berlin by Fernando MoralesSometimes,heroism happens in the mo..
20 Oct Meet the archives - October
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Welcome to another MEET THE ARCHIVES interview. This time we talk to Gunnar Falck, administrative ed..
06 Oct How to Identify and Date Your Vintage Photos
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Title: How to Identify and Date Your Vintage PhotosBy Fernando Morales Identifying vintage photos ca..
22 Sep Press Photos: Heroes come in many forms
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IMS Vintage Photos has a wide range of of press photos from World War 2:Check below links for more e..
14 Sep Meet the archives - September 2020
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Hello,Welcome to another newsletter from IMS Vintage Photos!For this edition we met up with Amy Smir..
13 Sep WirePhotos, the Technology That Changed Photography
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WirePhotos, the Technology That Changed PhotographyBy: Fernando Morales  Portrait of the Prince Rege..
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