Argentina's national football team, captained by Diego Maradona stepped onto the field of the Azteca Stadium in Mexico to face England in the quarter-final of the 1986 FIFA World Cup.
The match had a meaning beyond sports for the Argentinan players. 
Their country had been defeated by England four years prior during the Falklands/Malvinas War when more than 600 young and unprepared Argentinian soldiers lost their lives, 
When the game began, Maradona was thirsty for symbolic revenge, but his natural talent was constantly neutralized by the tall and ordered English defense players.
The first half ended without real opportunities for Diego, however, everything was about to change. Six minutes into the second half of the game, something happened when Diego Maradona jumped trying to reach a ball with his head while fighting against English goalie Peter Shilton.

Years later Maradona recalled seeing the ball going up and him thinking "come down, come down...' when realized that his head was not going to be enough to hit the ball back.
In a fraction of a second, with a move so quickly that the referee could not even notice, he scored a goal using his left hand.
He called the move "La Mano de Dios" or The Hand of God. 

No real soccer fan was disappointed by Maradona's display of talent that day. 
Four minutes later he scored again and this time was so spectacular that FIFA called it "The Goal of the Century".
He ran from the center of the field passing and fainting 6 rival players, including the goalie.
Maradona went from scandalous to spectacular in  240 seconds that marked the history of soccer!

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