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"Brollops Mesan" 1936("Honeymoon" in 1936) Bullen Berglund Karin Swanstrom

"Brollops Mesan" 1936("Honeymoon" in 1936) Bullen Berglund Karin Swanstrom
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Strangers on Honeymoon is a 1936 British comedy film directed by Albert de Courville and starring Constance Cummings, Hugh Sinclair and Noah Beery.[1] Much of the film takes place in Canada. It was made by Gainsborough Pictures at the Lime Grove Studios in Shepherd's Bush. The film's sets were designed by the art director Ernö Metzner. Erik "Bullen" Berglund, Karl Erik Berglund, (30 June 1887 – 27 April 1963) was a Swedish actor, director and writer. Berglund was one of Sweden's most popular male actors in Swedish films in the 1930s-50s. He appeared in more than a hundred films. He also had a food column, published some cookbooks and had his own radio show in the 1920s, also about cooking - using his nickname "Bullen" ("Breadroll"). In Sweden there is a sausage named after him called "Bullens pilsnerkorv". He had his cooking training in the 1920s in Paris, and worked in Hôtel Le Chapon Fin in Bordeaux and Claridge Hôtel in Paris. Karin Swanström (June 13, 1873 – July 5, 1942) was a Swedish actress, producer and director.


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