Customized framed photo with mat board + reprint of the back

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All our professionally customizable frames are made of resistant material.

All frames are transparent and so allow you to access the back easily unless you decide to hang the frame on a wall. No worries! The original information that is on the back of the photo is scanned and printed and positioned in the front: this combination will showcase the true value of the photograph and its provenance.

The photo is professionally sealed in the protective frame to ensure an optimal duration of the product.

How does it work?

Pick your photo, add a frame and we will take care of the rest!

The benefits of using a customized framed photo with mat board and a reprint of the back:

  • it increases the value of your authentic photograph
  • it makes your vintage photo stand out
  • it separates the historic photo from the frame, therefore, preserving it
  • it shows the front and the back at the same time, so to prove that your photo is an original historic photograph
  • it is aesthetically pleasing
  • it helps you create your own personal mini art gallery at home or in the office!

Are you ready to start?

Add this product to cart and we will do the rest!

With this new professional polished look to your frames, your old vintage photos will stand out and get the attention they deserve. On IMS Vintage Photos you buy only truly unique photographs that are original and unrepeatable: each photo deserves to be exposed to the public in all its glory!

Write to us if you have any questions or doubts.

We are always here for you!


*The displayed photo is not sold, used for display purposes. 


All our press photos are LIMITED ARCHIVE ORIGINALS - they are the actual prints that were used by the newspapers, they are not reprints or digital prints produced by us. All the prints are at least 30 years old and up to 100 years old.


What you will buy from us has a true historical value and authenticity. These items are true artifacts and collectibles, a real unique piece of history. All these old photos have a story to tell and come from reliable sources. We get our prints directly from the press archives where they have been stored for up to a hundred years. These prints have never been accessible to the public before.


SEE the BACKSIDE OF the PHOTO - many times the image for sale will present stamps, dates, and other publication details - these marks attest to and increase the value of the press photos. Since the photos are old press photographs they may have scratches, lines, or other wears of time, which just underlines the authenticity and age of the photos. In the past, the photos were often parts of a series or were mass-produced by the archives. Nowadays, their number is decimated - many were destroyed by time, use, or natural disasters. Few were preserved and are nowadays carefully stored in our archives.


Press photos have been available to the public for just a few years, and similar to baseball cards, they have attracted investors and collectors. The value of original Press Photos prints has been steadily increasing in value and is expected to to continue doing so.


The IMS vintage photos project is unique in Europe. We help preserve and digitize old press archives, by allowing the public to buy the original prints for the first time. A unique chance to own a real piece of history. When you buy from us you help support the project or digitize and save these photos that might otherwise be lost forever.


All the original vintage images are sold without watermarks. The prints are all over 30 years old and have been in the storage of the newspapers for decades. We sell them in the same conditions they were given to us by the archives.

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