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Frontier-Forces return to China in 1979.

Frontier-Forces return to China in 1979.
Frontier-Forces return to China in 1979.
Frontier-Forces return to China in 1979.
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Frontier-Forces return to China in 1979. Chinese tank crews, who had taken part in the battle to take Lang Son, being welcomed back into Chinese territory from Vietnam. The Battle of Lang Son was fought during the Sino-Vietnamese War, days after the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) advanced 15 to 20 kilometers deep into the northern provinces of Vietnam. The fighting occurred primarily at the city of Lạng Sơn, a few kilometers from the Sino-Vietnamese border. Although the Chinese eventually occupied Lạng Sơn and its nearby vicinities during the battle, it proved during that time that the Chinese regular units invading northern Vietnam are no match against militia and irregular Vietnamese units tenaciously harassing the Chinese advance southwards towards Hanoi, Vietnam's capital city, and eventually took the Chinese forces days to occupy the city and dislodge its defenders. After capturing the northern heights above Lạng Sơn, the Chinese surrounded and paused in front of the city in order to lure the Vietnamese into reinforcing it with units from Cambodia. This had been the main strategic ploy in the Chinese war plan as Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping did not want to risk an escalation potentially involving the Soviet Union. The Vietnam People's Army (VPA) high command, after a tip-off from Soviet satellite intelligence, was able to see through the trap, however, and committed reserves only to Hanoi. Once this became clear to the PLA, the war was practically over. An assault was still mounted, but the Vietnamese only committed one VPA regiment defending the city. After three days of bloody house-to-house fighting, Lạng Sơn fell on 6 March. The PLA then took the southern heights above Lạng Sơn.

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