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Bringing joy to people through gifts is as old as mankind!

Since the birth of “gift exchanging”, people have been puzzled by these questions:

What should I get? Does the perfect gift exist and if it does, what is the perfect gift? 
Do you find the perfect gift idea… or does the perfect gift find you?

If you have spent too many moments wondering in doubt, this is your lucky day because you just found the answers!

IMS Vintage Photos is the best gift you can find!

Because when you buy a photo from us, you will get multiple benefits

  1. You could be purchasing an old lost photo of a family member and help your family members build up a family-tree or just reconnect with the past.

  2. All photos are COLLECTIBLE ITEMS: you would be purchasing a true piece of history that has not only historical value, but also artistic value, and comes with a certificate of authenticity. All the photos on our website are unique. 

  3. We have over 1million pictures available! So we have something for EVERYONE! you could be purchasing a vintage photo of a car, a celebrity or historic period that your loved one really admires.

  4. Recycle and help the environment! Here at IMS we not only want to preserve history, but we also wish to preserve the environment. All our photos are genuine, original items and that means they are NOT reprints or copies as only one is available. You will be purchasing something that was created years ago, and you will give it a new LIFE! We limit the use of plastic in our packages and we support recycling. We want to leave a mark, but the good kind!

And if you wish to spice it up, there are actually different ways in which you can use our photos and create an even more original gift!

Our photos can be used as the most unique decoration for home, office, the local pub, your restaurant or even your dentist’s studio!

You can put the pictures in frames or easily pin them to the wall!

To sum it up, our photos are the best present for anyone, because they are original, unique, have historical and artistic value and make the perfect decoration for any ambient!

We always collect new ideas on how you could use our photographs! Visit our Pinterest Board to get more inspiration:

We update our content every day, so you can use our search engine and find anything of your taste! If you need any help, you can use our online chat!