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Hans Caldaras and Katarina Taikon striking a pose, smiling, 1966.

Hans Caldaras and Katarina Taikon striking a pose, smiling, 1966.
Hans Caldaras and Katarina Taikon striking a pose, smiling, 1966.
Hans Caldaras and Katarina Taikon striking a pose, smiling, 1966.
Hans Caldaras and Katarina Taikon striking a pose, smiling, 1966.
Hans Caldaras and Katarina Taikon striking a pose, smiling, 1966.
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Hans Caldaras and Katarina Taikon striking a pose, smiling, 1966. His Caldaras, registered his Dhamo Romano Kaldaras-Columber, born 22 January 1948 in Brännkyrka parish in Stockholm [1] , is a singer , composer , writer and debater . Caldaras, which is the Swedish-Romany descent , grew up in tents and brought the child a peripatetic existence in Sweden and did not start school until he was ten. After his debut as an artist in 1967 has Caldaras appeared on different stages in Europe. He has also starred in the TV series, musicals and the theater as an actor. After singing the records with a view on the Swedish charts, he came out in 1973 with the first LP you Sweden with Roma music in Romanes . In 1978 he wrote the music for the TV series Katitzi . In early Caldaras realized that he could use music as a tool to highlight Roma history and culture, and to prevent oppression and social injustice. Caldaras Throughout his life brought their message against intolerance and xenophobia . Along with his mother's cousin, the writer Katarina Taikon he made ​​appearances and lecture tours from the middle of the 1960s. In recent years, Caldaras also worked internationally against social injustice and racism. In the mid 2000s he was part of the Roma Council. Between 2003 and 2005 he was project manager at the Roma Cultural Centre in Stockholm. Between 2006-2009, he sat in the government delegation for Roma issues. From 2007 until the summer of 2011, he was director and cultural manager for the Roma Cultural Centre in Stockholm. Caldaras 2012 was elected to the Romani Elders International Organisation; in the sitting of Roma cultural workers and activists from different parts of Europe. In 2014, he, along with human rights campaigner Thomas Hammarberg and Ambassador Mats Aberg , the initiator of the network EU migrants. Caldaras wrote his 2002 autobiography , In the eyes of the beholder, which was published by Norstedts ( Prism ) publisher and is translated into, among other things, Romanian ; it even came out in paperback in 2005. In it he talks about his experiences of exclusion , both in Swedish society and the Roma. His mother was Swedish-Russian rum and his father, who was called Gustafsson, the Swedish ethnicity. In September 2015 released a new edition of the book which contains an additional 50 pages of what happened since 2002. 2008, his translation of the children's book Katitzi 1 of publisher Podium , written by Catherine Taikon, the Romanes. A CD box set of five CD with Caldaras reading on romanésdialekten kalderash included with the book. He has published a variety of gramophone and CD discs and participated in TV and radio shows in Sweden and utomlands.Mellan August 2014 and December 2015, he was employed by the Living History Forum as a speaker and educator in connection with the exhibition "We are Roma "was shown Participates in the movie "Taikon," which is about Katarina Taikon struggle in the 1960s for Roma eligibility in Sweden. The film premiered at the country's cinemas at the beginning of October 2015. Later that month, he was, along with Roma activists, invited to a special meeting with Pope Francis in Vatican / Rome. Katarina Taikon, registered Katharina Maria Taikon, for a time Taikon Langhammer, born 29 July 1932 in Almby in Orebro in Orebro County , died 30 december 1995 in Ytterhogdal in Härjedalen , was a Swedish writer of Roma origin. Catherine Taikon debuted as an author in 1963 with the autobiographical Gypsy Woman. She was best known for his children's books in Katitzi series, which began to be issued in 1969. As of rum , she was also active in the public debate on the Swedish Roma rights. people, man, woman, together, looking, smiling, embracing, love, posing, 1966
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