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SPORTS - Vintage Photographs

All the Vintage Press Photos from the last 100 years are now avaliable to you! 

Check out our categories based on different sports.  

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This category includes all forms of competitive physical activity or games ..
Racing has fascinated people since the horse was domesticated and horse cha..
Showjumping is a part of a group of English riding equestrian events. Such ..
Football is the beautiful game played all over the world.  IMS vintage..
American football referred to as football in the United States and Canada (..
Enjoy our vintage photographs from the wonderful sport of Ice-hockey. ..
Skiing is a means of transport using skis to glide on snow. ..
A category entirely around the combat sport. Boxing is part of both the Oly..
Are you ready to jump back in time and relive the greatest basketball momen..
Rugby is a widely known full-contact team sport. It originated in England i..
Tennis is an Olympic sport that is played at all levels and at all ages. It..