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11 Feb The value of photographic paper
John 0 234
Today, the process of creating a photograph is very simple compared to how it used to be in the 1800..
27 Jan The Super Bowl!
John 0 417
One of the biggest TV events broadcasted around the world! Check all the NFL photographs! American F..
17 Jan Our services
0 1108
IMS Vintage Photos takes great pride in our service to our many customers worldwide. We are dedicate..
13 Jan Meet Creative and Photography Director Niklas Blomkvist
Laura 0 368
Niklas Blomkvist is the Creative and Photography Director at IMS Vintage Photos.An explorer from an ..
09 Jan The Grammy Awards
John 0 498
The Grammys are the premier awards ceremony for recording artists. They began in 1959 and were the l..
06 Jan The Julian Calendar and The Orthodox Christmas
John 0 360
In the Julian calendar, Orthodox Christmas happens thirteen days later than other Christians.The Jul..
01 Jan Champagne
John 0 429
Sparkling white wine is a popular celebratory drink and is often called Champagne. However, this nam..
30 Dec New Year’s Eve Around the World
John 0 244
The New Year is welcomed with parties, fireworks, and alcohol around the world. However, every count..
28 Dec Star Wars - The Rise of Skywalker
John 0 167
This December saw the release of the eleventh “Star Wars” film “The Rise of Skywalker.” It is suppos..
24 Dec War World I - The Christmas Truce
John 0 388
The Christmas truce during World War One showed that human kindness lived despite the horrors.The fi..
13 Dec Oh Christmas Tree!
John 0 233
Evergreen trees have been an important religious symbol around the world for millennia. The trees an..
12 Dec A Little History and Quirks on the British elections
John 0 224
The UK’s First Past The Post plurality voting system usually produces strong single-party government..
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