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12 Dec A Little History and Quirks on the British elections
John 0 58
The UK’s First Past The Post plurality voting system usually produces strong single-party government..
11 Dec Listen to Your Heart
John 0 40
Roxette was a famous Swedish duo with Marie Fredriksson (vocals and keyboards) and Per Gessle (vocal..
30 Nov The Winter War
John 0 132
Early in the Second World War, there was an intense, short, and often overlooked war between the Sov..
28 Nov Thanksgiving and Black Friday
John 0 105
Each year, on the fourth Thursday of November, the United States celebrates one of its most importan..
17 Nov The Crown - The Royal Family
John 0 103
Queen Elizabeth II is the United Kingdom’s longest-reigning monarch but was born a minor royal. Her ..
14 Nov The perfect gift idea just found you!  Christmas Sale 25% Discount!        Login and use coupon
Laura 0 546
Christmas Sale 25% Discount!   Login and use coupon "XMAS25"Bringing joy to people through gifts is ..
11 Nov Armistice Day and the End of the Great War
John 0 122
The 11th of November marks 101 years since the end of the First World War. An armistice was signed a..
09 Nov The Berlin Wall Fall
Laura 0 81
Today we celebrate freedom and the fall of all walls. In October 1989, during the anniversary of the..
05 Nov The History of Photography
John 0 34
Photography was invented in the 19th century, but centuries before that, an invention called the cam..
01 Nov A look into the past: the history of the Grand Prix and its drivers
Laura 0 70
Karl Benz gets the credit for inventing the first modern automobile and patenting it in 1886. The fi..
31 Oct Happy Halloween
Laura 0 40
Halloween is probably the spookiest time of the year!The tradition says that the festivity originate..
21 Oct Satisfied clients are the best clients!
Laura 0 121
Our clients come from all over the world and come back to us with the most amazing stories.An exampl..
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