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Keywording service

IMS Keywording service (Business to Business)

IMS has a long history of adding important keywords/labels (metadata) to digital images. IMS is an expert in this field. IMS is able to process an extraordinary amount of images per day. IMS has an in-house built system that is specially designed to facilitate optimal performance. Our team is able to keyword a great volume of images per day that will fit your business need and turn around time.

Having been in business for over 20 years, we have in place proven processes and we are able to consistently deliver on our promise.  Our quality assurance process ensures compliance with client requirements and speedy delivery.

We carefully select each person that works for us. Each team member is screened by our training team.  We ensure that members of our team have gone through training by our training teams that monitor each member's skill and productivity on a regular basis.  We are constantly reviewing internal and external processes in order to maximize efficiency and quality.

IMS IT team configure delivery via multiple channels and configure delivery based on our needs.

IMS utilizes AI technology and Machine learning to support our keywording process and this technology enables IMS to be an industry leader in keywording (labeling).

IMS can support different clients' requirements and needs. Don't hesitate to reach out to us for more information.

Key benefits

  • Fast delivery
  • Keywording in numerous languages
  • Consistent quality delivery
  • Full IPTC support
  • Simple pricing strategy

For further information and service description please send us an email at or contact