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King Hussein in an interview with his brother Prince Hassan, 2nd from left.

King Hussein in an interview with his brother Prince Hassan, 2nd from left.
King Hussein in an interview with his brother Prince Hassan, 2nd from left.
King Hussein in an interview with his brother Prince Hassan, 2nd from left.
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In 1965 Hassan was named as Crown Prince of Jordan after the constitution was amended.[3] He was frequently regent during his brother's absences from the country. During Hussein's final illness in January 1999, he was replaced by his nephew Abdullah only days before the king died.[4] Abdullah subsequently inherited the throne of Jordan. In 2009, he joined the project "Soldiers of Peace", a movie against all wars and for global peace.[5][6] On 10 June 2013, he was appointed as the chairman of advisory board on water and sanitation (UNSGAB) by the United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon. King Hussein sought to understand Israel's position and preferred dialogue to the futility of war. Much of this desire grows out of the threat from other Arab states, specifically the Ba'athist regimes in Iraq and Syria and Nasser's ideology of Arab nationalism which had heavily influenced the Army. The first secret meeting took place on 24 September 1963 between King Hussein and Yaacov Herzog, a diplomat with wide experience and special emissary of prime minister Levi Eshkol.[4] Among other things such as discussions regarding water rights, the purpose of the meetings were to plan and support Israeli and Jordanian initiatives in combating Fatah guerrillas. He would later state "I told them I could not absorb a serious retaliatory raid, and they accepted the logic of this and promised there would never be one".[5] On 13 November 1966, Israeli military conducted a major incursion into Jordanian territory, violating their secret agreement with King Hussein, in what became known as the Samu Incident. Two days later, in response to the incident, in a memo to U.S. President Lyndon B. Johnson, his Special Assistant Walt Rostow wrote: "retaliation is not the point in this case. This 3,000-man raid with tanks and planes was out of all proportion to the provocation and was aimed at the wrong target," and went on to describe the damage done to U.S. and Israeli interests King Hussein, Jordan, answers, questions, reporter, interview, peace, talks,

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