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Lena von Martens in uniform. 1962.

Lena von Martens in uniform. 1962.
Lena von Martens in uniform. 1962.
Lena von Martens in uniform. 1962.
Lena von Martens in uniform. 1962.
Lena von Martens in uniform. 1962.
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Lena von Martens in uniform. 1962. Lena von Martens, os. Ressler (p. 15 january 1940 - 16. December 2015 lovage ) was a Finnish photo model and film actress. Von Martens worked as a seller, when he won the Movie Storehouse organized by the Finnish magazine, the most beautiful girl contest. After the victory he worked as a photo model and appeared on television, as well as some domestic films, including Aarne Tarkaksen in 1959 directed the film Stomach in, chest out! . He married in 1959 the Finnish-Swedish writer and journalist Peter von Martens with, and the couple soon moved away from Finland, first in Spain to Tenerife and later to Paris and then on to Rome. Von Martens continued to provide a photo model and started living in Paris movie career. She appeared in the Nasi Hankan girl in the role of Roger Vadimin 1963 to guide elokuvaasa The Virtues and vices ( Le Vice et la Vertu ) and barbaariprinsessa Xenia role in Anthony Mann's 1964 film directed by Roman Empire destroyed ( The Fall of the Roman Empire ). While living in Rome von Martens appeared in minor roles in several Italian films. In all, he appeared in around 40 films. Von Martens separated from her husband in Rome, because this was proven to be violent, alcoholic and gambler. He went for the second time married a Sicilian business man, who had Mafia connections. Around this time von Martens's film career had faded, and he then served as her husband under pressure from a high-end phone girl entertaining wealthy clients. When the second husband was jailed von Martens moved to Italy a couple of years to Tunisia , but then returned to Finland. In Finland, he worked first as an intermediary, and then call the Congress hostess. In 2005, he lived in North Karelia Liperi . Author Seppo Porvali was written by von Martens life stages of the book Lena von Martens - All my role (Northern Lights Publishing Company, 2000).

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