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Man inspecting a Smuggling car. 1963

Man inspecting a Smuggling car. 1963
Man inspecting a Smuggling car. 1963
Man inspecting a Smuggling car. 1963
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Smuggling is a collective term for import and export of goods, persons or protected documents or rights to or from a state that occurs in violation of state law. There may be many reasons to smuggle. Most often, the economic reasons which drugs are smuggled to the command a higher price in the recipient country or people being smuggled and then exploited in slave-like conditions. This type of offense goes under the name of human trafficking where smuggling is one of several overlapping crime. Smuggling of people can also skemot payment of the trafficked person's behalf. Smuggling with or without recovery can take place at the exit of classified documents. Smuggling is when part of the crime of espionage . Smuggling no gain occurs in cases where refugees illegally helped to another country or where someone causes prohibited items through and past the security checkpoint, for example, when checking in at the airport . people, men, inspecting, damage, car, vehicle, looking, cameraman, photographing, 1963,

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