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Man sitting and holding a crocodile's leg. 1960

Man sitting and holding a crocodile's leg. 1960
Man sitting and holding a crocodile's leg. 1960
Man sitting and holding a crocodile's leg. 1960
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Expedition party at Hanua Bada, Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea, 1885 "H.O. Forbes Esq. at Hanua Bada, Port Moresby." "H.O. Forbes and party of Malays; also Captain Musgrave and Mr Lawes" (caption from published volume). Party gathered in village with equipment before embarking on exploration of inland British New Guinea [Papua New Guinea].; Dr Henry Ogg Forbes led an expedition to explore Mount Owen Stanley under the auspices of the Royal Geographical Society, British Association and Colonial Office between 1885 and 1886, during which this photograph was taken. He became Acting Deputy Commissioner of British New Guinea from 1886 to 1889, when he led a second expedition to Mount Owen Stanley. Lindt served as official photographer to Special Commissioner for British New Guinea, Sir Peter Scratchley, in July 1885. This image is part of a five volume commercial album series of the photographs taken on this visit. This image also appears as Autotype Plate XXI in Lindt's book, Picturesque New Guinea. In the Preface, Lindt acknowledged the decisive role that the LMS missionary, W.G. Lawes played in facilitating his visit to Papua New Guinea from Australia and the photographic work he was able to carry out. Lawes, himself a prolific and significant photographer, appears in this photograph (2nd from right in white) Formerly the first resident missionary on the South Sea island of Niue, Lawes transferred to Papua New Guinea in 1874 until his retirement in 1906. Lawes' knowledge of, and role in, Papuan life was of paramount importance to expeditionary parties and outside photographers.

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