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Murphy Morobe

Murphy Morobe
Murphy Morobe
Murphy Morobe
Murphy Morobe
Murphy Morobe
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Murphy Morobe, South African Political Activist; acting Publicity Secretary of the United Democratic Front of South Africa (UDF). Born in 1956; a member of the SA Students Movement, he took park in the Soweto Uprisings of 1976. Her served 7 years in gaol for "conspiring to commit sedition", until May 1982. As a UDF worker in the Transvaal, he was detained in Jan. 1986, under emergency regulations. Similarly, in July 1987, he was detained. With colleagues Mohammed Valli & Vusi Khanyile, he escaped and sought refuge in Durban's US Consulate. Since Receiving and undertaking in Oct. 1988 that they would not be arrested. the 3 have walked free and can travel.
City The Daily Telegraph
Date 1989-00-01T12:00:00Z
Photographer Richard Open
SizeText 5" x 7"
Size Medium10
Year 1989
Month February


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