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Photo of Marga Boodts Villa in Italy.

Photo of Marga Boodts Villa in Italy.
Photo of Marga Boodts Villa in Italy.
Photo of Marga Boodts Villa in Italy.
Photo of Marga Boodts Villa in Italy.
Photo of Marga Boodts Villa in Italy.
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Photo of Marga Boodts Villa in Italy. Marga Boodts was born on February 18, 1895. She was a woman claimed to be Grand Duchess Olga Nikolaevna of Russia. She was one of a considerable number of Romanov pretenders who emerged from various parts of the world following the execution of Tsar Nicholas II and his family at Yekaterinberg on July 18, 1918. She stands out, however, as one of very few who claimed to have been Grand Duchess Olga, the Tsar's oldest daughter. She was also known as Maria Bottcher. By her own account, Marga Boodts survived the execution at Yekaterinberg when a member of the firing squad, whom she identified only as Dimitri K., knocked her unconscious and pretended that she was dead. Dimitri K., who had been a Cossack soldier, replaced her missing corpse with that of a young woman who had been caught stealing from the bodies of the other members of the Imperial family. He later accompanied her to Vladivostok. Boodts claimed that upon her arrival to Vladivostok she was received by a German elite comando, and from Vladivostok, she reputedly said to have traveled through China and later she was taken by sea to Germany. Marga Boodts died of pneumonia on October 13, 1976, in a nursing home at Sala Comacina, Como, Italy, at the purported age of 81 years. Grand Duchess Olga, Marga Boodts, con artist, royal, Tsar Nicholas II.
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