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Portrait of Richard Attenborough, 1968.

Portrait of Richard Attenborough, 1968.
Portrait of Richard Attenborough, 1968.
Portrait of Richard Attenborough, 1968.
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Portrait of Richard Attenborough, 1968. Richard Attenborough leading British actor. Born in 1923; educated at Royal academy of Dramatic Art; he made his stage debut in 1941, his first West End appearance in 1942. He formed Beaver Films with Bryan Forbes and appeared in the co-produced "The Angry silence" (1959); then formed Allied Film Makers, and appeared in their first film "The League of Gentlemen' (1960). Other films "The dock Brief", "Guns of Batasi", "The Sand Pebbles" and "Dr. Dolittle" (1966). "The Bliss of Mrs. Blossom" (1967) and "Oh', what a Lovely War" (1968). He was won several "Best Actor" awards. Married to actress Sheila Sim; they have a son and two daughters. Photograph by Peter Mitchell

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