Portrait of Béatrice Marie Pasquier de Franclieu, wife of Prince Michel, Count of Évreux.

Portrait of Béatrice Marie Pasquier de Franclieu, wife of Prince Michel, Count of Évreux.
Portrait of Béatrice Marie Pasquier de Franclieu, wife of Prince Michel, Count of Évreux.Prince Michel of Orléans, Fils de France, Count of Évreux (Michel Joseph Benoît Marie; born 25 June 1941, Rabat, Morocco) is a French nobleman and part of the claimant family to the French throne. He is the son of the late Prince Henri, Count of Paris (the Orleanist claimant to the French throne from 1940 until his death) and Princess Isabelle of Orléans-Braganza. Prince Michel is styled as the Count of Évreux.He was dating Princess Irene of Greece and Denmark when he met Béatrice Marie Pasquier de Franclieu,[2] whom he married on 18 November 1967 in Casablanca, Morocco, without his father's consent.[3] The bride was born Béatrice Marie Guillemine Huguette in Neuilly-sur-Seine on 24 October 1941, the daughter of Count Bruno Marie Emilien Pasquier de Franclieu (Lyon, 4 March 1914 - Paris, 15 September 1944) of a noble family, and his wife Jacqueline Françoise Marie Thérèse Irène Térisse (Rambouillet, 7 September 1918 - 2006) who had married in Lormes on 29 April 1938. The marriage was not regarded as dynastic, and Prince Michel's wife and children were not initially given traditional Orléanist royal titles. On 10 December 1976, Béatrice was allowed by her father-in-law to share ad personam her husband's style, viz., "Her Royal Highness Princess Michel of Orléans, comtesse d'Evreux".[4] Subsequent to the accession as head of the House of Orléans and pretender by his brother Prince Henri, Count of Paris, Duke of France in 1999, his wife and children were recognized as fully dynastic members of the royal house[3] with commensurate styles and titles. The family lived in Morocco, Germany and England. Their children attained adulthood in Spain. According to the prince's wife, her work as a fashion consultant for Women's Wear Daily and Dior, combined with her husband's lack of a career, imposed strains upon the marriage.[1] Michel and Beatrice were separated in 1994 and he left their home,[1] although there were no plans to terminate the marriage.[2] They had four children (and several grandchildren):[2] Princess Clotilde Jacqueline Charlotte Marie d'Orléans (born 28 December 1968),[5] married in 1993 to Edouard Yves Corneille Crépy (b. 19 January 1969) at Villamanrique de la Condesa, owned by Prince Pedro of Orléans-Braganza: Louis Nicolas Marie François Stephane Corneille Crépy (b. 4 August 1995) Charles Edouard Marie Alvaro Tatiana Corneille Crépy (b. 13 July 1996) Gaspard Marie Leon Canio Corneille Crépy (b. 2 March 1999) Augustin Crépy (b. 26 April 2005) Eléonore Crépy (b. 6 December 2007) Princess Adélaïde Jeanne Marie d'Orléans (born 11 September 1971), married in 2002 to Pierre-Louis Étienne Marcel Éric Dailly (b. 28 May 1968): Diego Marie Michel Louis Alexis Dailly (b. 20 November 2003) Almudena Marie Sarah Béatrice Aline Dailly (b. 16 December 2004) Gaetano Dailly (b. 25 August 2009) Princess Adélaïde's godfather is King Juan Carlos I of Spain. Prince Charles-Philippe Marie Louis of Orléans, Duke of Anjou (b. 3 March 1973), married in 2008 to Diana Álvares Pereira de Melo, 11th Duchess of Cadaval at the Cathedral of Evora in Portugal: Princess Isabelle of Orléans (b. 22 February 2012) Princess Isabelle's godfather is King Felipe VI of Spain. Prince François Charles Frédéric Bruno Marie d'Orléans, Count of Dreux (b. 10 February 1982), married 27 July 2014 in the Basilica of St. Jacob in Straubing, Germany to Theresa Marie Dorothée Gabrielle Cathérine von Einsiedel.[6] Born 17 January 1984 in Munich, she is the fourth of seven children of Curt-Hildebrand von Einsiedel (born 1944, member of a comital family known in Meissen since 1299) by his wife, née Princess Amelie von Urach (born 1949, member of a morganatic ducal branch of the former royal House of Wurttemberg, and daughter of Prince Eberhard von Urach by his wife, Princess Iniga of Thurn and Taxis).- November 1967


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