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Prince Jacques, Duke of Orléans with his wife.

Prince Jacques, Duke of Orléans with his wife.
Prince Jacques, Duke of Orléans with his wife.
Prince Jacques, Duke of Orléans with his wife.
Prince Jacques, Duke of Orléans with his wife.
Prince Jacques, Duke of Orléans with his wife.
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Prince Jacques, Duke of Orléans with his wife. Prince Jacques of Orléans, Fils de France, Duke of Orleans (Jacques Jean Jaroslaw Marie; born on 25 June 1941 in Rabat, Morocco), is the son of the late Henri Robert Ferdinand Marie Louis Philippe d'Orléans (the Orleanist claimant to the French throne from 1940 until his death) and Isabelle Marie de Orléans Bragança. He married Gersende Thérèse Françoise de Sabran-Pontèves on 3 August 1969 in Ansouis-Vaucluse, Franceborn, in Ansouis-Vaucluse. Gersende Thérèse, born on 29 July 1942, daughter of Marie Joseph Elzéar Foulques de Sabran-Pontèves, 7th Duc de Sabran-Pontèves and Roselyne Manca-Amat de Vallombrosa, is incidentally a descendant of James II of England and his illegitimate son, James Fitzjames, 1st Duke of Berwick, through her maternal grandfather's mother, Geneviève de Perusse des Cars.[1] Her maternal grandmother was a direct descendant, in the male line, of the Bonapartist Marshal Jean Lannes.[2] Children[edit] Princess Diane Marie Thérèse Agathe Hélène Isabelle Laure Rosalyne of Orleans (b. 11 July 1970), married in 2004 to Alexis de Noailles (5 September 1952 - 14 September 2014): Celine de Noailles (b. 2005) Léontine de Noailles (b. 2006) Victoire de Noailles Prince Charles-Louis Henri Foulques Benoît Elzéar Jean Marie of Orleans, Duke of Chartres (b. 28 July 1972), married in 1997 to Ileana Manos (b. 22 September 1971): Prince Philippe Jacques Nicolas of Orléans (born 3 November 1998) Princess Louise Marie Isabelle of Orléans (born 6 December 1999) Princess Hélène Sybille Irène of Orléans (born 24 January 2001) Prince Constantin Foulques Alexandre of Orléans (born 15 February 2003) Princess Isabelle Roxane Christine of Orléans (born 12 May 2005) Prince Foulques Thibaut Robert Jacques Géraud Jean Marie of Orleans, Duke of Aumale, Count of Eu (b. 9 July 1974)
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