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T/PU/22,618, BBC Television Service, Perry Como - the American singer whose popular show can be seen on BBC Television on Friday next, February 13th, 1959. Free Copyright, From: BBC, Broadcasting House, London, W.5., Independent

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IMS SKU: SCAN-IND-02731399

All the original vintage images are sold without watermarks.
All our press photos are LIMITED ARCHIVE ORIGINALS - they are not reprints or digital prints produced by us. We sell them in the same conditions they were given to us by the archives.
SEE the BACKSIDE OF the PHOTO - many times the image for sale will present stamps, dates and other publication details - these marks attest and increase the value of the press photos.
Since the photos are old press photograps they may have scratches, lines or other wears of time, which just underlines the authenticity and age of the photos.
What you will buy from us has a true historical value and authenticity. All these old photos have a story to tell and come from reliable sources.
In the past, the photos were often parts of series or were mass produced by the archives. Nowadays, their number is decimed - many were destroyed by time, use or natural disasters. Few were preserved and are nowadays carefully stored in our archives.

OCR computer generated text:

ESSTEET, E.C.A T/PU/22,618 BBC TELEVISION SERVICE the Amerian Sner vhse popular PERRY COMO show can be seen on BBC Tel sion/n Iriday ext, February 13th,959 FREE COPYRI CH FROM: BBC, BEOADCsrS NOUSE DON, W. NENCEENCNI

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