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Queen Paola of Belgium with Albert II of Belgium and Dona Fabiola.

Queen Paola of Belgium with Albert II of Belgium and Dona Fabiola.
Queen Paola of Belgium with Albert II of Belgium and Dona Fabiola.
Queen Paola of Belgium with Albert II of Belgium and Dona Fabiola.
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Albert II of Belgium reigned as King of the Belgians from 1993 until his abdication in 2013. He is a member of the royal house of Belgium; formerly this house was named Saxe-Coburg-Gotha. He is the uncle of the current reigning Grand Duke of Luxembourg, Henri. Albert II was the fourth monarch to abdicate in 2013, following Pope Benedict XVI, Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands, and Emir Hamad bin Khalifa of Qatar. In doing so, he was also the second Belgian King to abdicate following his father, King Leopold III, who abdicated in 1951, albeit under very different circumstances. As King, Albert's duties included representing Belgium at home and abroad on state visits, trade missions, and at high level international meetings as well as taking an interest in Belgian society, culture and enterprise. In 1984, he set up the Prince Albert Foundation, to promote expertise in foreign trade. In January 2012, Albert announced that the royal family would freeze their allowances and use a greater proportion of their income to maintain the royal palaces. On 3 July 2013, 79-year old King Albert II attended a midday session of the Belgian cabinet, where he revealed his intention to abdicate to Prime Minister Elio Di Rupo and to the Deputy Prime Ministers. He was born on 6 June 1934. Queen Paola of Belgium is the wife of the former King Albert II and was Queen of the Belgians from 1993 until 2013. She is also the mother of King Philippe of Belgium. She was born on 11 September 1937. Dona Fabiola, Queen Fabiola of Belgium is the widow of King Baudouin. She was queen consort for 33 years, between her wedding in 1960 and her husband's death in 1993. She was born on 11 June 1928.

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