Ragnar Arvedson, Brita Appelgren, and Fridolf Rhudin in a scene from the film Artificial Svensson.

Ragnar Arvedson, Brita Appelgren, and Fridolf Rhudin in a  scene from the film Artificial Svensson.
Artificial Svensson is a Swedish film from 1929 in the auspices of Gustaf Edgren. The film premiered 14 October 1929 . The film was shot in Filmstaden Råsunda with exteriors of Svea and Göta Life Guards barracks complex in Stockholm and Saltsjöbaden of Hugo Edlund.The film can be seen as the first Swedish sound film, although it is generally expressed as a silent film and always with additional "living" musikbeledsagning. In the audio version Fridolf Rhudin began with a prologue, where he spoke directly to the audience ( "He-he-he-he - it's all the same film"), the other sound elements covered a range of song number.*** Ragnar Arved Arvedson, born 4 December 1895 in Linkoping , death 2 October 1973 in Stockholm , was a Swedish director , screenwriter , film producer and actor . Arvedson first studied at an art school and a trade institute before he applied himself to the theater. He studied at the Royal Dramatic Theatre School from 1914 to 1917. Then he was engaged at various theaters in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Helsingborg . He made ​​her film debut as an actor in 1920 in Rune Carlstens bomb . He then starred in some 50 films as an actor. In 1935 he made ​​his directorial debut with perhaps a gentleman ; Moreover, he wrote over 20 screenplays. Arvedson is buried in North Cemetery in Stockholm.*** Disa Brita Jakobina Appelgren born 21 December 1912 in Stockholm , where the death of 29 October 1999 , was a Swedish dancer and actor. Appelgren was premier dancer at the Opera 1934 - 1955. She made ​​her film debut as a child actor in Gustaf Molander Mälarpirater 1923 . She was the mother of actor Malou Hallström. Appelgren is buried in Woodland Cemetery in Stockholm.*** Sixten Fridolf Emanuel Rhudin (originally Rudin ), born 10 October 1895 in Ransäter in the current municipality of Munkfors , Värmland , died on 6 March 1935 at the Red Cross nursing home in Stockholm , was a Swedish comedian , film - and revue actor . He belonged to his time most people beloved Swedish artists. That more than anything else made ​​him immortal, the disc recorded monologue "The Lonely Dog", authored by Kar de MummaKeywords: people, men, woman, standing, together, talking, smiling, pointing, looking, communicating, house, scene, film, Artificial Svensson, Brita Appelgren, Ragnar Arvedson, Fridolf Rhudin, 1929


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