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Somaliland Camel Corps, 1940.

Somaliland Camel Corps, 1940.
Somaliland Camel Corps, 1940.
Somaliland Camel Corps, 1940.
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Somaliland Camel Corps, 1940. July 08, 1940 The Somaliland Camel Corps (SCC) also referred to as the Somali Camel Corps, was a unit of the British Army based in British Somaliland. It lasted from the early 20th century until 1944. At the beginning of the East African Campaign, the Somaliland Camel Corps, bolstered with a battalion of the Northern Rhodesian Regiment, had 1,475 men to defend British Somalia. Reinforcements were eventually sent from Aden in a vain hope to stop the Italian invasion. During the Italian conquest of British Somaliland, the Somalia Camel Corps skirmished and screened the attacking force along the border before pulling back to more defensible positions. At Observation Hill, the corps made a formidable stand. One of its officers, Captain Eric Charles Twelves Wilson of the East Surreys, received a Victoria Cross (VC) for his use of a machine gun during the defence. Despite wounds, malaria, and having several guns destroyed from under him, he stayed at his post. Wilson was the only VC recipient during the Italian invasion of British Somalia; only six other VCs were awarded for operations in East Africa. Wilson was later found alive in an Italian prisoner of war camp. somaliland, camel, british army, war, italian, east africa campaign, 1940

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