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Sonali Das Gupta is in a conversation while laughing.

Sonali Das Gupta is in a conversation while laughing.
Sonali Das Gupta is in a conversation while laughing.
Sonali Das Gupta is in a conversation while laughing.
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Sonali Das Gupta is in a conversation while laughing. Sonali Dasgupta, Born C. 1929, Maiden name: Sonali Senroy, Brother: Karun Senroy. First marriage ‘Being over five foot seven, she was too tall for Bengali men. She remained unmarried till her late twenties. This gave the family headaches. All of a sudden she was married to a promising documentary filmmaker Harisadhan Dasgupta and the couple moved to Bombay (Mumbai). Since we were the only close relatives, they were frequent visitors home. Ma [Sonali’s cousin] took Sonali under her wings,’ recalls niece Rinki Roy Bhattacharya (chairperson of the Bimal Roy Memorial Committee) Husband: director-producer Harisadhan Dasgupta; Roberto Rossellini is frequently mentioned as her second husband. Second ‘marriage’ : Anand Parthasarathy, The Hindu writes, ‘[Rossellini] acknowledged her third child, Raffaella, and adopted her second child Gil. He never legally married Sonali, although his marriage to Bergman had ended amicably during his stay in India. …The romance, if one can call it that, ended some three years before the director’s death in 1977 when he began an affair with Silvia d’Amico from the Visconti aristocratic family and went through a Mexican marriage (many biographies omit mention of this marriage). Ingrid Bergman died in 1982; Hari Dasgupta continued to work on documentaries for many years and died in 1996.’ Children: filmmaker Raja Dasgupta (born c. 1951), New York-based film producer Gil (Arjun DasGupta) Rossellini (born 1957), Raffaella Rossellini (born 1958). Daughter-in-law: Chaitali Dasgupta Grandchild: director Birsa Dasgupta (married to Bidipta Chakraborty)

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