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Termites in Africa.

Termites in Africa.
Termites in Africa.
Termites in Africa.
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Termites (Isoptera) is an order of insects that are on the savannahs and rain forests. There are about 2,600 described species of termites today. Termites are eusociala insects that live in communities. They are not related to ants, but lives as well as those in large colonies and termitbon is sometimes referred to as the ants' nests stacks. The appearance of the nest varies between species. Some termites build nests that look like towers, built of earth or clay, cellulose, saliva and droppings. Others build underground nests consisting of tunnels and chambers and some species live in hollow tree branches. The largest model of termitbon can enclose the entire tree. people, men, stuck, big rock, farmland,

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