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Vintage photo of Rika Dialina posing.

Vintage photo of Rika Dialina posing.
Vintage photo of Rika Dialina posing.
Vintage photo of Rika Dialina posing.
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Vintage photo of Rika Dialina posing. Rika Dialina (born August 8, 1931) is a Greek actress and beauty queen she went on to represent Greece at the Miss Universe 1954 pageant in Long Beach, California. Diallina, along with Miss Korea, Pu Rak Hi, were denied entry into the U.S. because of their alleged Communist affiliations. Dialina was disqualified from obtaining a U.S. visa for allegedly illustrating a book on Communism. In her place went first runner up, Effie Androulakakis, who won the Miss Friendship' award. U.S. Secretary of State John Foster Dulles intervened in Dialina's case and she was able to optain a temporary entry permit. She arrived just a few days before the event, making the top 16 finalists. Effie Androulakakis was asked to remain in the competition as Miss Crete but she declined, stating that Dialina was "the choice the people of my country to represent them here." Dialina got married while in the U.S. and remained in the country. In 2002 her artwork was put on display at the Benedictine Art Awards, her work being one of the 40 to make the Park Avenue Art Gallery out of 2000 that participated in the event.

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