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A photograph has often a hidden story that, with the correct context and background information, can be revealed.


IMS Vintage Photos is looking for content creators and people that can help in identifying locations and subjects portrayed on our vintage photographs. If you love photography, history or just want to be a part of a fantastic crew , then we are the right place for you.  

We are looking for content creators that wish to write material on our blog. The focus will be on stories about the vintage photographs that are in our archives.


What is in it for you:

  • Access to our photo archives. 
  • You will get the credit. Blog posts and newsletters will be published under your name on our web site and social media.
  • Gain experience in a certain category or topic such as Art, Actors, Sports, History, Military, Planes, Cars, and people... The options are endless!
  • Work with people that are truly passionate about photography and history.
  • Priority on accessing images in our archives and special discounts.


If you are interested let us know via our email


Looking forward to hearing from you :)