IMS Vintage Photos was recently awarded a R&D research grant by the Icelandic government to develop it's AI technology. The grant is awarded on merit after a thorough selection process. 
This means that IMS is able to expand on it's already considerable AI knowledge. This enables us to broaden our use of AI in our digitization process.  IMS continue its effort in helping archives preserving their physical archives.

Now we invite YOU to join as well - think NEW, let us take care of your old photo archive and make it a profitable asset for you. It´s FREE of charge and a WIN WIN situation you should not miss out. New revenue awaits the digitized version of your old photo collection AS WELL as saved storage costs for the old physical archive! New times are here - let us work together!  


 Contact us NOW for more information on how to get your entire photo archive scanned, keyword, and digitized FOR FREE - and how your physical photo collection is taken care of by us, transformed from physical to digital in exchange. Make your old photo archive work for you, bring in new revenue, and get rid of old costs for storage and random scanning efforts!