For this edition we met up with Amy Smirk, Distribution and Library Executive of ESI media in the U.K, publishing media owner of the Evening Standard and Independent newspapers.


Hello Amy, thank you for agreeing to this interview! Could you briefly describe your photo archive and collection?
Our archives are vast and diverse, spanning over three decades covering a wide range of subjects and events throughout British news and history as well as global content. 

You decided to partner with us and get the photographic collection digitised, how come?
It saves time and money while making our archives accessible for search, reference, use, distribution and syndication.
With having a vast and diverse archive, a large amount of storage space is required as well as time to retrieve a desired asset, physically traveling to our storage facility, manually requesting a box, scanning individual assets as and when needed, etc.
Having a digitised archive will enable the wider business to utilise our collection.
To preserve and cement our physical archive within the history of the company in perpetuity.

How do you plan to use the digitised archive?
Primarily it provides an easily accessible record for reference that can be utilised by the wider business.
To showcase our presence and historical relevance, and engage with readers.
To nurture future partnerships with heritage focused stakeholders.

Does the digitised collection open up new opportunities/ideas for you?
It will allow us to incorporate our older assets when forming ideas when working in a digital environment.

Thank you Amy - very informative and interesting!  Nice to meet you, and I truly appreciate your answers! I wish you good luck with all your projects and have a nice autumn!

Niklas Blomkvist

Creative & Photography Director