This time we speak to Christian Amos, Client & Digital Delivery Lead of Archant – a much-appreciated partner of ours. Archant is a media company founded in Norwich, England, in 1850. Their photo collection is a true deep dive into the British and local – cities, villages, and the life there: people, events, buildings, and places.

Thank you, Christian, for agreeing to do this interview – it´s much appreciated!


Can you tell us a bit about the archive and your photo collections?
Archant has been operating for over 150 years which means that since photography became more widely used Archant has been capturing the images to help to tell our stories.  We have hundreds of hard copy images that have been gradually taking more and more space in the numerous storerooms across our sites. This can often make it difficult to find the images we want and when we need them. The images are an invaluable insight into our local communities' shared heritage and help tell the story of progress wherever we operate.
How come you decided to go for the decision to have your photo collection digitized?
Trying to keep an ever-expanding archive of hard-copy images was proving to be difficult with the existing space being too small for all the material we owned. It, therefore, made complete sense to get the collection digitized to ensure that they would always be available in the years to come and ensure that they didn't get discarded once the space became unavailable.
How will you use the digitized archive?
Part of the collection is now going to be made available on our newly created image platform entitled "The Story Of". The Norfolk base images have kindly been key-worded and quality checked by the IMS Vintage Photos team and uploaded to the new pipeline created especially for this exciting new project. The other images that will not be used can be searched on the IMS Vintage Photos site and accessed/used by Archant and their customers over many years to come.
Does the digitised collection open up new opportunities/ideas for you?
As mentioned above the images are the main element that will be used to showcase the advantages of our new viewing platform The Story Of. It has also given us plenty of more opportunity to rationalize the space that has now been made available since the digitization is underway. ​We are also contemplating how we might use these vintage photos as part of our commercial strategy within nostalgic publications and merchandise partnerships. 
It is fair to say that without IMS Vintage Photos´ help we may well have lost a valuable part of our company history and this is a way of moving with the times whilst not losing sight of how important the past was. 
Thank you for the conversation Christian, it was an honor. I wish you a very nice summer and holidays!

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