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The Independent Subject: Piece of Cake - LWT Drama Series Location: Charlton Park, Malmesbury, Wilts Details: Spit Fires & pilot of "Hornet Squadron in LWT's dramatization of Derek Robinson's novel "Piece of Cake" filming at Charlton Park, Wiltshire. The 6-hour series tells the story of an RAF Squadron in France - England, 1939-40 and is scheduled to screen in the autumn. Also in pictures is the wreckage of a "crashed" Heinkel bomber, formerly owned by the Spanish Air Force, the aircraft was stored in a coal yard near Cambridge until this year. It is a screen veteran - last used in making the "Battle of Britain" epic in the late 1960's. Photographer: Herbie Knott

Dimensions: 30.2 x 40.6 cm

IMS SKU: SCAN-IND-02938736

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OCR computer generated text:

HE& Sif THE INDEPENDENT NEWSPAPER PL BLINHING PIC KNOTT Picture Caption Subject: PiEcf Of CAKE GFARLION PARK, LWT DRAMA SAXICI. MALMAJ BuRy WILIT. Location: Time: あeEa fevmoled dafk RRiisrow's IN SPITFIRES Details HAMATISATICCN Of CHARLTON PARK ficmInG Houe Siメes くS FRANCE "PIECE f CAKE WILTSHR . THf frody Ef THE 1989-40, RAf SQutoken' is SCRSEN in! THE AUTVMN. T CxsくにA A "CRASH & AIRCRAFT LAS STOR i A CAL YARS NSAR CAm Bkiosf UNTIL THIS YFAR. IT IS A Pubiication: SCk i VfifN THf "BATTLE Date of Which Department: f s Photographer: - LAST US in MAKING Ef BRITAIN" pic IN (Aif 196i',,

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