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This is how the new Taunus 12 M from Ford of Germany looks in a cutaway drawing. This first front-wheel-drive Ford succeeds the earlier model built for 10 years in over 563,000 units. V-4 engine, transmission, differential, drive gear and clutch are combined into an integral compact unit. The forward-mounted 1.2-liter 50 S.A.E. horsepower engine gives this economy car a top and cruising speed of 125 k.p.h. (nearly 80 m.p.h.) and uses only 7.5 liters (official DIN figure) of regular gasoline per 100 km (31.4 US m.p.g.). No transmission hump, no drive-shaft tunnel, no wheel arches obstruct the roomy passenger compartment, which seats five people comfortably. The capacious trunk holds 20 cu. ft. (0.56 m³) of luggage. This sensationally novel Ford Taunus 12 M will set new standards in its class.

Dimensions: 18 x 24.3 cm

IMS SKU: SCAN-GLO-03220260

All the original vintage images are sold without watermarks.
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What you will buy from us has a true historical value and authenticity. All these old photos have a story to tell and come from reliable sources.
In the past, the photos were often parts of series or were mass produced by the archives. Nowadays, their number is decimed - many were destroyed by time, use or natural disasters. Few were preserved and are nowadays carefully stored in our archives.

OCR computer generated text:

Mit einem völlig neuen Kühlungs- und Heizungssystem wurde der Taunus 12 M aus- gestattet. Der 40 PS V-4-Motor wird durch zwei Wasserkreisläufe gekühlt, eînmal über den Wärmetauscher an der Spritzwand und ein andermal über den Kühler am Grill. Bei hohen Belastungen wird automatisch ein zweistufiges Gebläse am Wärme- tauscher zugeschaltet. Ein Thermostat regelt den Kühlflüssigkeits-Umlauf. Der Wärmetauscher dient gleichzeitig als Heizkörper für die Frischluftheizung. Die Luft tritt unterhalb der Windschutzscheibe ein und wird durch einen Luftkanal in den Wärmetauscher und die Frischluftklappen rechts und links vor den Vordersitzen gelenkt. Vom Armaturenbrett aus können die Wärme- und Luftmenge reguliert werden. Die Kühlflüssigkeit behält zwei Jahre lang im Sommer wie im Winter ihre Wirksamkeit. Die schematische Darstellung (links) verdeutlicht den Kühlmittel-Umlauf innerhalb der zwei Wasserkreisläufe. A novel feature of Ford of Germany's new Taunus 12 M is its combined engine- cooling and interior-heating system. The coolant for the 50 SAE_horsepower V-4 engine flows through a split-circuit system embracing the core of the heater unit and a sealed radiator behind the grille. The two-stage blower of the heater unit is automatically switched on to provide additional cooling under severe operating conditions. A thermostat controls the flow of the coolant. A two-position push-pull type heater switch on the instrument panel controls the flow of warm air drawn in from the cowl grille into the interior via vent registers on either side of the front-seat compartment. Anti-freeze added as a permanent ingredient to the coolant means that the cooling system needs to be emptied and replenished only every two years. The diagram on the left illustrates the flow of the coolant in the split-circuit system. 1519/62 Abdruck frei Ford-Pressedienst Reproduction permitted Ford Press Department ARCHIV CLODSCHEY

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