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Prince Rainier III, went shopping with his older oldest daughter Caroline, on November 11, 1994, one day before the end of her annual holiday at Atlantic seacoast resort of La Baule, where the Monaco princess goes every year for a thalasso-therapy.

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IMS SKU: SCAN-TT-02577514

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OCR computer generated text:

254. 423 REF. SOUVENIR DE LA BAULE DEUX BAGUES POUR CAROLINE Caroline et le prince Rainier, de Monaco ont profité de leur avant-dernier jour de vacances à La Baule, station balnéai re Sud, de Bretagne faire un peu de shopping attenante à l'hôtel pour le 1 novembre 1994, à la bijouterie "Cartier", la chaine Lucien Barrière, où la princesse est pour sa traditionnelle cure annuelle de thalassothérapie. de descendue Après d' heure, Caroline a choisi deux bagues d' une valeur totale de 20. 000 en avoir essayé plusieurs durant près de trois quarts francs le prince Rai nier lui anb souvenir de ce séjour sur la côte atlantique. offertes a en CAROLINE AND RAINIER GO SHOPPI NG AT LA BAULE Prince Rainier III 71 shopping on November 11, 1994, went with his oldest daughter day Caroline, 37 end of her annual holiday at of La Baule (south of Brittany), where Princess one before the the Atlantic seacoast resort the Monaco princess goes every year for a thal asso therapy. Having Cartier tried on several rings during some 45 minutes at jewelry the (next Barrière chain whe re the Monaco royals are staying), Caroli ne chose two rings, val ued at 20, 000 Francs, gift of papa store to the hotel of the Lucien Maybe this has to do with the fact that Caroline received the blessing Lindon of late husband' s parents and Fernando Casiraghi, deciding that of mourning had been observed, her Giancarlo to Vincent marry a suitable period approval last week their gave Princess is the widow of their son Stefano Casiraghi, an The Italian who was killed al most exactly four years ago (October 3, linked 1990) in a powerboat accident with the French actor, Lately, Caroline' s neither of whom have confi rmed been any romantic relationship. But Rainier had already approved Lindon sign a contract claiming none of the Monaco fortune in the marriage, provided case of a divorce PHOTOS: PICA PRESSFOTO Gjörwellsgatan 22, 105 17 STOCKHOLM Arkiv/Feature 13 52 40 Nyhetsredaktion 13 55 55 Telefoto 13 55 55 Fax 1354 00 Denna bild får ej utlånas, överlåtas för annan pub- licering än överenskommen. Honorar utgår vid varje publicering. Fotografens namn måste anges. 00006838 4

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