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This box contains 10 photographs, together representing six decades of press photography.
Each photo is selected by one of our experts, different photos in every box.
Each photo comes with a custom certificate (value 12 USD each).
Special collectors box.
Cotton gloves for handling your photos with that extra care.

Total value of the collectors box is 440 usd.

The perfect kick-off kit for new collectors: a box containing assorted, specially curated vintage photos and cotton gloves for that extra careful treatment of these historical pictures. This starting kit is meant to get you hooked on collecting - the world of vintage press photos is truly a fascinating one, combining the art of photography, history, and documentation. A vintage press photo is an actual work of when and where it really happened! You don´t just get old photos, you get photo journalistic history as well! The photos only had one previous owner and that is the newspaper photo archive they emanate from. The box contains at least one photo from The Daily Telegraph newspaper and at least one from the Independent newspaper.

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