Studio Lisa was the name of a photographers studio in London, consisting of the married couple Lisa and Jimmy Sheridan. 

In the early 1930´s their hobby was turned into a profession and Jimmy could leave his job as a bank clerk and focus fully on their photography business. 

A chance meeting with the future Queen Elizabeth and her sister Princess Margaret in Windsor Great Park in 1936 came to change the life of the two photographers. 

Not only did the photographic couple´s status change drastically with capturing the royals, but they also introduced an entirely new photographic approach, depicting the blue blooded in a never before seen informal way, mostly outdoors.

The Sheridan couple came to work with the British  royal family for the next 30 years and they were to be awarded two Royal Warrants.

Imagine the joy when finding this charming portrait in our vaults of the Princess Royal, Princess Anne, captured in the typical Studio Lisa manner, at Balmoral in 1953.  The Studio Lisa stamp in red on the backside of the photograph.

Niklas Blomkvist

Creative & Photography Director of IMS Vintage Photos