Last summer I finally managed to get hold of a book I had long searched for: PRIVATE VIEW from 1965, with photographs by Lord Snowdon (1930-2017), or Anthony "Tony" Armstrong as he was also known, and who, at the time of publishing of this book, was also artistic director of The Sunday Times. This book is simply magnificent  - the size is a very generous 13 x 11 ", and the mix of black and white and strong colour is poetry on its own. Focusing on the thriving art scene of mid 1960´s London the book contains both artist portraits as well as their artworks. Here you meet Francis Bacon, Barbara Hepworth, Keith Vaughan and David Hockney to name but a few, all portrayed in signature Snowdonian style. The texts by Bryan Robertson (then director of Whitechapel Art Gallery) and John Russell (art historian and critic) are as yet to be explored - the photographs take all my attention every time I approach the book and I forgot there is a text to discover. Lord Snowdons portraits are up front but respectful, the black and white a universe of chiaroscuro. The colour photographs are strong in contrast and generously capturing materials and tactility of the featured artworks. 

Niklas Blomkvist

Photography & Creative Director of IMS Vintage Photos