Swedish museum and art gallery Millesgården at Lidingö in Stockholm will treat all fans of photography, fashion and history a bit extra well this season! Opening February 12th and running until September 4th is MADAME D' ORA Wien & Paris 1907-1957.
All friends of stunningly beautiful, exciting and artistic vintage photography - do not miss this rare opportunity to see Dora Kallmus (1881-1963) which was her real name - whose personal life and history is as fascinating, daring and strong as her art.
Fashion, jet set, aristocracy, artists and entertainers were frequently depicted, and later, when Dora suffered the consequences of Nazi Germany, pictures from abattoirs and refugee camps. The contrast is stark and breathtaking. 
The exhibition is a collaboration with Photoinstitut Bonartes in Vienna, Ullstein Bild in Berlin and Preus museum in Norway.
Photo credits for the below photographs: 
© Photostudio Setzer-Tschiedel, Vienna
©Photoinstitut Bonartes, Vienna