Plan to a trip to Vienna this spring! What better reason to go than:

Vienna Vintage Photo Fair 2024 - The market for historical

The inaugural event at the MuseumsQuartier Vienna drew over
1,000 visitors in June 2023. This one-day event offers a unique opportunity
in German-speaking countries to explore and acquire original photo-
historical rarities. Thirty-five dealers from Austria, Germany, France, the
Netherlands, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Argentina will
showcase art and vernacular photography spanning two centuries. The
offered pieces range from the first daguerreotypes (the pioneering
photography process from 1839) of the 19th century to subsequent black
and white photographs, up to color photographs from the second half of the
20th century.
The Vienna Vintage Photo Fair is a sales fair for creative people looking
for inspiration, for curators, historians, regional researchers, nostalgics,
interior designers and generally for an art and culture-loving audience. The
event is not only a platform for like-minded people, but also aims to
stimulate interest in historical photography. Engage in conversations with
collectors and experts in the field to discover more about their approaches
and passion. The supporting programme will feature photo conservator
Janka Krizanova from Bratislava who will teach about the daguerreotype,
the earliest photographic process. Photographer Markus Hofstätter will offer
live portrait shootings using the historical collodion wet plate photo process
( Vienna based Photoinstitut Bonartes will
present scientific publications on historical photography topics and the
Friedl Kubelka School of Artistic Photography will present current works by
its students. Take the opportunity to travel back in time from the perspective
of the first photographers of the 19th and early 20th centuries and acquire a
piece of history.

The Vienna Vintage Photo Fair assembles memorabilia and found objects
from three centuries creating a visual cabinet of technical and artistic
curiosities. Nostalgia, hunting instinct and thirst for knowledge tempt you to
browse extensively. For the smartphone generation, this immersion in the
physical cosmos of images is no longer a given: the analogue photo has
now become a rarity. The Vienna Vintage Photo Fair provides the ideal
contrast program for this. It offers a tactile experience, allows room for
serendipity, and provides space for a diverse range of ideas. The aura of
the original encourages reflection on its origins and history, as well as
imaginary journeys into the past.